About Us

CBM Archives Co. is a dynamic, high tech document management firm headquartered in Austin, Texas.  Founded in 1992, CBM Archives was one of the first companies to integrate document imaging of crime records into the law enforcement workplace.


Built with Integrity

Our mission is to improve the efficiency and functionality of our customers by reducing the handling and processing of paper and electronic documents by implementing our best of class document management systems coupled with an organization driven by ethics and integrity.

Built for You

Our systems are made to 100% of your specifications.  Regardless whether large or small we can accommodate any sized organization.  From turnkey solutions to legacy system conversions, we understand your needs and have a solution.

Why CBM Archives?

Thousands of people worldwide use and rely on CBM Document Management Systems on a daily basis.  This coupled with over 20 years of experience and knowledge will assure that we have the correct solution for you.

Reliable & Accessible

Over 10,000 users access our systems daily



Think Green!

We convert over 175,000 paper documents to digital daily


Increase efficiency

750 million pages/records managed by our systems worldwide


Introducing Biometric Kiosks!

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — CBM Archives – with 20 years of biometric experience – has entered the kiosk arena by debuting a new line of customizable biometric kiosks.

CBM Archives has recognized the growing need from organizations to capture and process biometrics quickly and efficiently.   With this in mind, CBM Archives looks to take their biometric solutions and combine them with the mobility of kiosks to make them more widely available to the public.